2 Horizon(te)s. Terzo Piano Gallery. Curated By Olga Viso. September 17 - October 31, 2021.
1515 14th st NW, Third Floor, Washington, DC
Regla, 2014-2021, 68" x 56". Cotton, oil, acrylic, lace, paper, and beads.
tangled in blue, 2020, 24" x 15". Indigo, linen, satin, iron, and sequins.
una batica y Ochún, 2021, 40" x 48". Color pencil, acrylic, chiffon, hibiscus dye, satin, and wax.
un portal de doble aureola, 2021, 64” x 52”. Spandex, leather, lead, razor-wire, wax, ink, oil, acrylic, and cotton.
a swallow, 2020, 74" x 64". Oil, acrylic, steel, leather, canvas, satin and pigment.
"Of inside, of children born and unborn, of land, history, of today, of streets, of soil soaked, of underwear, and inside underwear, of metal and the metal taste in my mouth, of vision and sky, of affection, the most beautiful turned brown left to rust, of beginnings and endings, of us all, of cheeks, lips, of noses, of eyes, of fear, of love, of time filled with bodies, beings, souls, and spirits left unattended, of vomit, of passion, of rage, of life with death, of destined futures and butchered pasts, of ancestry and tradition, of magic, creation, and courage, the only spilled."
Exú meets Matisse, 2021, 25" x 18". Acrylic, pigment, canvas, satin, and lace.
Obatala helmet, 2021, 30" x 20". Collage on paper.
cubanascan, 2021, 80” x 67”. Indigo, oil, silk, wax, jute, wire, cotton, and thread.
praying with her head, 2021, 32" x 21” x 6”. Oil, acrylic, satin, resin, linen, and wooden clothespins.